Thin hair; treatment & transformation

before and after thin hair to thick hair

Can thin hair become thicker?

Blonde, brunette, redhead? Whatever colour your hair may be, the texture and thickness of your hair also play a large part in its overall appearance. Over the years our hair changes considerably. Whether that’s because one day you woke up and decided you wanted to be blonde (…guilty) or you have experienced natural changes your hair cycles through (such as thinning with age or gradual brittleness), if you’re reading this it’s likely you’re looking for ways to thicken your hair, in which case look no further.

When we talk about thin hair we are actually referring to is the density of the follicle. Thin hair has fewer follicles which can be due to a number of reasons. If like me a year ago, if you would describe yourself as having thin hair, a number of reasons could be preventing those luscious locks you always dreamed of, such as genetics, damage, stress and nutrition.

Genetics: Your DNA could cause a DOA…

The first and foremost is genetics, some people are born with thin hair and have experienced this throughout their entire life. Having naturally thin hair is often not felt as favourable by many, but of course, there are ways to embrace this and rock a braid or two. Thin hair and braids often work…

How to help:

I can’t change your genetics, but you can find hairstyles for thin hair which allow you to boost the appeared thickness of your hair. Have you considered a wavy bob? Or curtain bangs?

Stress: If like Twenty-One Pilots, you’re Stressed Out?

Another reason you may have thin hair is stress. Hair thickness is often directly correlated to significant life events are stressors. A rise in stress causes physical changes which are often manifested into the appearance of your hair, whether that’s hair falling out or becoming finer.

How to help:

This factor is not a quick win, but if your hair is thin or falling out due to stress, you may want to take a look at what’s causing this. I noticed a dramatic, positive difference in my hair in the months falling dropping out of university.

Disclaimer, I’m not suggesting to leave university if you have thin hair

My transformation from thin hair to thick hair. Left; February 2018. Right; April 2019.

Nutrition: Nourish your body and your body will nourish your thin hair

If your body doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals to take care of your muscles and organs, this will reflect itself in your physical appearance, like your hair. But the effects of a poor diet certainly aren’t limited to thin and brittle hair. Have you noticed a change in the strength of your nails? Or the clarity of your skin? Like most aspects of our biology, everything’s linked. Whether it’s because you aren’t eating enough full stop or because you’re eating the wrong types of food, your hair could be suffering as a result.

How to help:

Small changes to your diet to include more Vitamin C, Omega-3 and Iron, can make a significant difference. Eating foods rich in these nutrients will contribute not only to the thickness of your hair, but also the shine and overall appearance.

Quick Win;
“Take a daily multivitamin supplement to ensure you’re getting enough of these nutrients”

Damage: Dyes, Dryers and Damage

Hair that is dry, brittle and weak from damage further increases the risk of your hair snapping and breaking. You’ll have an above the chin bob before you’ve even realised what’s happening… It’s no secret that regularly bleaching your hair causes irreparable damage and thinning, but if you’re lucky enough to have naturally thick, healthy hair, this will help to counterbalance some of the damages from bleach, although no hair is completely safe. While the silky-smooth touch of newly bleached hair may seem promising, don’t be fooled by the illusion.

How to help:

The less dye and heat you use on your hair, the healthy it will be, simples. Although long blonde locks are the stuff of dreams as you head off on your summer vacay, bleach strips the hair of its natural oils making it dry and brittle. Stay off the dyes and straighteners in search for that only-dreamed-of, thin to thick hair transformation.

Nioxin: The Route 66 of bringing your hair back to life.

Nioxin shiny thick hair transformation
I see you shining

Out of all the products out there, Nioxin is the top of its game. Nioxin is not a hair loss product but rather a regular use shampoo and conditioner that allows thicker hair regrowth through its rich scalp treatment. Through their online consultation tool, you can determine which ‘system’ is right for you from 1 to 6 for a tailored thin hair to thick hair treatment. I use the Nioxin 3 system for lightly thinning coloured hair. Although pricier than your typical shampoo and conditioner combo, I would whole-heartedly recommend this product. If even for nothing else but shine. As a brunette, this system allows a shine I could only wish for on my damaged hair.

My thin hair transformation before and after

thin hair to thick hair transformation
12 month thin hair to thick hair transformation

In 2017 all four of these ‘thin hair factors’ were applicable to me. I naturally have thin curly hair, I was stressed for a variety of reasons, and in turn not nourishing my body in the way the universe intended. In amongst the chaos of dropping out of university (LINK) and straightening those curly locks almost daily, I decided to dye my hair blonde… myself… with two box dyes. I know what you’re thinking… ‘seriously?’. Unfortunately, so!

So, with my recipe for hair disaster manifesting itself nicely, I was left with short, broken and dull hair. With a combination of reduced stress, no hair dye, a daily multivitamin and Nioxin 3, my hair transformation for thin hair to thick really has been remarkable in only 12 months.

Can thin hair become thicker?

Yes! With a combination of reduced stress, no hair dye, a daily multivitamin and Nioxin 3, I have transformed my hair from thin hair to thick in only 12 months.

What causes thin hair?

The main causes if thin hair are stress, environmental damage (e.g. heat and dyes), poor diet, genetics and improper hair care.

How do you make thin hair thicker?

Eating more nourishing foods, reducing environmental damage e.g. dyeing and straightening, lifestyle changes allowing reduction in stress, taking multivitamins and investment in revitalising products from Nioxin.

Which hairstyles for thin hair?

Thin hair and braids often work. By plaiting your hair, you can make it look as though your hair is a little thicker. Also, have you considered a wavy bob? Or curtain bangs? These can often help too!